Vendor Management

Your 3rd party risk can be a serious threat to your business. Did you know that on average, 89 vendors are accessing a company’s network every week? With modern cyber security, vendor risk has become an essential component of maintaining solid cyber resilience. We are here to help you. With our service, we will also address your 3rd party cyber risk. Together we will set up a customized framework with all of your requirements, create security policies for your vendors and ensure your vendors adhere to those policies.

Compliance Mapping Consultancy

In order to manage your vendor risk, we will meet with your various departments to understand the vendors they are working with and who is accessing your network. This is generally a 3 day process, depending on the size of your organization. Based on the information we gather, we will create a customized framework for your company and its vendors to ensure that everyone involved is protected to the fullest extent.

Vendor Comparison Analysis

Are you choosing between several vendors and want to compare them? Taking cyber security into consideration should be a part of your evaluation process. We can provide a comparison report on their cyber risk so that you can make an informed decision that takes your cyber security stance into consideration.


You will receive extensive monthly reports of your vendors’ cyber risk. We will show you which vendors are remaining compliant with your standards and which have slipped. With a quick glance, everyone in your organization will be able to ensure your vendors remain compliant and stay pace with your cyber security needs.

Alerts on Vendor Risk

Should one of your vendors suddenly drop in their cyber risk rating, we will alert you immediately. For example, should we detect a malware infection on your 3rd party external systems we will alert you, so that you can swiftly take action and protect your organization.

3rd Party Cyber Risk Rating

Just as with our other services, we provide a cyber risk rating for your vendors. We use this to manage and assess the risk your vendors pose to your organization.

Compliance Frameworks

There are many regulations and compliance frameworks that companies must adhere to. Many of these will also require your vendors to be complaint as well. Let us help you by evaluating where your 3rd party vendors might be lacking or succeeding in these compliance frameworks such as ISO/IEC 27001:2005 or SIG.

Managed Vendor Risk

With our managed services team, we will make sure your vendors adhere to your policies and required risk rating. We will proactively work with your vendors to improve their cyber risk ratings, so that they will not pose any risk to your business.

Quarterly Consultant Reviews

Every quarter we will sit down with your team and evaluate your vendors. We will ensure that all policies are being enforced and we will share what accumulated risk your vendors pose on your business, including the likelihood of you getting breached through a 3rd party.