Frequently Asked Questions

How does SecuVal work?

SecuVal is a scan of your environment from outside of your firewall. It evaluates your external assets and evaluates many different factor, such as misconfigurations, IP reputation and malware. But we do not stop there - we also help to address these issues. Additionally, we continuously keep a watch over your external assets so that you are always protected.

We use penetration testing. Why do we need SecuVal?

"Pen Testing" simulates an attack on your computer systems to see how resilient your cyber security is. Although this can be quite telling, it is only effective if the results are used to improve and strengthen your existing cyber security landscape on a regular basis. Our services are 24/7 to ensure you are receiving real time updates and constant monitoring (not just one time checks).

Is this a Vulnerability Scanner?

No, SecuVal is a cyber risk scanner, however it can be used to compliment a vulnerability scanner.

What is the difference between vulnerability scanning and what SecuVal checks?

A vulnerability scanner looks at weaknesses within the software or hardware for each component, such as a specific software version of the web server. The scanner will find certain weaknesses within that version, which you can then act upon. With SecuVal, we look at the configuration management, IP reputation and other aspects not covered by a vulnerability scanner. We ensure that all the settings are correct and take measures to ensure a malicious actor cannot access what version of the web server you are using, hence keeping them in the dark and out of your systems.

We have outsourced our company website. Is that a problem?

That is no problem. We do not need access to your website to provide you our findings.. Keep in mind that even though you have outsourced your website, you are still responsible for the website and the information on it. If we discover misconfigurations, we alert and help solve the issues by contacting the party hosting/maintaining the website. This way you can focus on your business and we can solve the issue swiftly.

Are you a Web Hosting Service?

This is a service that we offer in addition to our cyber security offerings.

Can I add more subdomains?


How many domains and subdomains are included in the service?

Our standard services include 1 primary domain and 9 subdomains by default. We can support as many as you need, and can work with you on pricing and services that meet your needs.

How many data points does SecuVal check?

SecuVal evaluates 86+ data points using a variety of methods. We are always stretching to look at new tools and technologies to improve our service.

We are only a small company, do we really need this?

Yes, many malicious actors do not differentiate between large and small companies. Usually smaller companies are easier to target and to exploit for financial gain by malicious actors. SecuVal can help you become more resilient.