Enterprise Solution

Managed Cyber Resilience - our Enterprise service is built upon a combination of our expertise, experience, and the use of several software tools. We always triple verify all results with our consultants. With the Enterprise service, we will manage your cyber risk together and alleviate the workload from your team. We will perform quarterly health checks, give you weekly insight reports and also help you manage your compliancy on known frameworks such as ISO 27001:2005 as well as others.

Cyber Risk Rating

With our service, we will provide you with a cyber risk rating. Much like financial risk ratings, it is now critical to measure the risk your company faces of getting a data breach.

Extensive Reporting

Our reports are designed so that everyone in your organization will be able to read them. We use over 86+ data collection points and make use of various enterprise grade solutions to combine this data for you.


Be on top of your External Cyber resilience posture. When there occurs a change on your external assets that puts you at risk, we will notify you immediately.

Baseline Meeting

When you purchase our service, we will schedule a baseline meeting. In this meeting we will go through all the details of your environment and set up a plan of action for the coming months in order to get your cyber risk rating as high as possible.

Weekly Insight Reports

At the end of each week, you will receive your insight reports. In these summaries you will find your current cyber resilience score and posture. With these reports you are always up to date.


Our helpdesk puts our consultants at your disposal. We will fix your issues together so that you can save precious time.

Proactive Management

We will work with you to reduce your cyber risk by identifying your areas of exposure and systematically closing those issues together. We will keep a watchful eye out for any unexpected changes and act immediately when they surface.

Quarterly Health Checks

Every quarter our consultants will go through your external assets in great detail. We will review how well your FTPs are protected, examine if any default username / passwords being used, as well as other areas that may be creating increased risk for your organization.

Compliance Frameworks

In today's world, companies are expected to address more extensive regulations and compliance than ever before. We will help you adhere to and manage these frameworks, specifically with your external digital assets. For example we will tell you if you pass for the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 or SIG. We will continuously monitor these frameworks and provide insight on what has changed, how you can address the changes and what best practices are.

Company Account Mapping

With the enterprise service we will be working together with your team and solve the issues with or for you. As part of our services, we will create a company account mapping, which will provide you a complete overview of your internal and external landscape. This will provide you a full picture of your ecosystem so we can address your exposure holistically.

SecuVal vs.

Pen Testing

We are not the same as Pen Testing (or Penetration Testing); we are complementary to each other. Pen testing is a simulated attack on your computer systems to evaluate how it holds up. It is typically practiced once or twice a year and is an excellent practice, however it does not keep pace with the progress of new ways data can be breached. With the evolution of cloud, mobile and advanced networks, cyber security must be monitored 24/7 to ensure complete protection of your data.

SecuVal vs.

Vulnerability Scanner

We are not a vulnerability scanner. A vulnerability scanner evaluates weaknesses within the software or hardware for each component. For example, it will evaluate a specific software version of a web server to ensure it is up to date. With SecuVal, we look at the configuration management, IP reputation and other areas of your organization's external digital assets and third party vendors. We make sure that all the settings are optimally calibrated so that a malicious actor cannot access any information about your environment and unable to plan an attack.