How SecuVal Can Help

SecuVal helps by providing you with a cyber risk rating of your own company and your 3rd parties such as your suppliers and business partners.

Are you aware which of your third parties or subcontractors interacts with your information and data?

Own Company rISK

Take a look from the outside in, and measure your own cyber risk rating.

Vendor Risk Management

Asses the cyber risk your vendors and 3rd parties pose to your organisation.

Vendor Selection (RFP)

Use cyber risk ratings to asses your future business partners.

Reputation Management

Manage your reputation when it comes to cyber risk, and prevent breaches which impact your reputation.

Compliance and Reporting

Use our service to help you be complaint for many standards such as ISO 27001 or internal board reporting.

Merger and Acquisition

Asses your possible take overs and business partners. Know what you are getting in to.

Cyber underwriter

Together with our service we can be the underwriter for your cyber insurance.


So You Can Focus On Your Core Business

Navigating through the world of cyber security, compliance and protecting customer data is at the top of every CEO and CIO’s mind. Data breaches are one of the top vulnerabilities that companies face today, and a slip can take an organisation's brand down with one press release. SecuVal provides a suite of services to extend additional security monitoring and rate your cyber security in tandem with your existing environment.

Our area of focus is evaluating cyber risk, ensuring compliance and evaluating your security with your third party partners. Often times, organisations only look at cyber security only within their networks, but their interfaces with other organisations (such as banks, vendors and customers) can create just as much risk.

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